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We specialize in the design and synthesis of multi-functional RNA nanoparticles for applications in nanotechnology and nanomedicine.
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Our Advantages
1. RNA nanoparticles carry negative charges, which reduce nonspecific binding to negatively charged cell membrane;
2. RNA nanoparticles through controlled synthesis have defined structure and stoichiometry;
3. Multi-Valency (combined therapy, targeting and detection);
4. Targeted delivery ensures high therapeutic efficacy while minimizing non-specific side effects and toxicity.....
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General Design
Functional modules:
1. Targeting ligand: Aptamer or chemical ligand
2. Therapeutic modules: siRNA, miRNA, anti-miRNA, chemical drugs
3. Imaging module: fluorescent or radiolables....
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Products & Services


Nanobio Delivery is pleased to offer the best customized RNA nanoparticles with large scale and high purity. The RNA nanoparticles can be designed with desired modifications on backbones or bases (e.g. 2′O-Methyl, 2′Fluoro, thioates, etc.), or with decorations....
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Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Current available therapies are inadequate and improved technologies and therapies are urgently needed. Conventional chemotherapeutic agents via oral or intravenous drug delivery are distributed indiscriminately throughout the ...
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Ordering Process
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