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Nanobio Delivery was established in July 2016 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Our team has experienced scientists to efficiently coordinate a multidisciplinary effort to transit bio-nanotechnology, especially RNA nanotechnology from the bench to the clinic. RNA nanotechnology allows the integration of multiple functional RNA modules into one nanoparticle, of which the scaffolds, ligands, therapeutics, and regulators can be composed mainly or exclusively of RNA.

Our short term goal is to promote the transformative research on nucleic acid based nanotechnology towards pharmaceutical applications. Our long term goal is to develop an effective RNA nanoparticle based therapy for treating cancer, viral infection, and other diseases.

Advantages of RNA nanoparticles for disease therapy:
  • RNA nanoparticles are homogeneous in size, structure and stoichiometry. They can be synthesized chemically in large quantities and self-assembled with high efficiency.
  • RNA nanoparticles are thermodynamically and chemically (after 2'-Fluoro modifications) stable.
  • RNA nanoparticles can be made to be non-toxic and non-immunogenic.
  • RNA nanoparticles are multifunctional in nature and can easily be designed to harbor multiple functional modules (ex.targeting ligands, like RNA aptamers or chemical ligands; therapeutic modules, like siRNA, miRNA, anti-miRNA, ribozyme, and chemotherapeutic drugs; regulatory modules, like riboswitch; imaging modules, like fluorophore and radiolabels).
  • RNA nanoparticles display favorable biodistribution and PK/PD profiles in tumor bearing mice after systemic injection.

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