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Worldwide Leading Academics, Experts, and Entrepreneurs Gathered in Kunshan RNAi China Conference

  The 6th RNAi China conference has been successfully held on Oct. 09-11, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China. This conference is hosted by Dr. Zicai Liang, professor of Peking University and CEO of Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co. Ltd. As one of the top conference in the field of small nucleic acid based therapeutically applications, this conference has attracted around 400 experts, scholars, and enterprises from worldwide to participate and share the cutting-edge technology and discuss about the industrialization development of small nucleic acid drugs.

  The field of small nucleic acid based drugs is growing explosively in the recent years. Prof. Peixuan Guo, professor of the Ohio State University and the chief consultant of Nanobio Delivery, has been invited as a keynote speaker and talked about the recent progress of the application of RNA nanotechnology in the targeted delivery; Prof. Ling Peng, director of French National Scientific Research Center, has introduced the development of siRNA therapeutics for personalized medicine in cancer therapy; Dr. Liang Liang, executive Director of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Swetlana Adamsk, senior director of Quark Pharmaceuticals, and many well-known scholars and senior executives have shared their progress and strategies towards the development of novel nucleic acid drugs. Nanobio Delivery also joined this conference as a sponsor and further exhibited the utilization of RNA nanotech platform in the targeted therapy to the attendees. With the maturation of small nucleic acid technology, as well as the good performance of the nucleic acid drugs in the clinic, we believe that the small nucleic acid career will have a beautiful future! For more information:

  From left to right: Dr. Zhengyi Zhao; Dr. Haibo Hu; Dr. Zicai Liang; Dr. Peixuan Guo; Dr. Ling Peng.
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