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Nature Nanotechnology: RNA Nanotechnology to Control Ligand Display on Extracellular Vesicles for Targeted Cancer Regression

  Columbus, Ohio- A new breakthrough study in RNA Nanotechnology for cancer therapy is reported by “Nature Nanotechnology” doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0012-z, Dec 11, 2017 ( This novel finding utilized RNA nanotechnology to control the orientation of RNA nanoparticles to engineer nanometer-scaled ligand displaying, therapy-loaded extracellular vesicles, that successfully inhibited cancer growth in three different types of cancer in animal models.

  This breakthrough study was led by Peixuan Guo, PhD, is a Sylvan G. Frank Endowed Chair professor of the College of Pharmacy, the Ohio State University, and Principle Consultant for Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Company; and first author Fengmei Pi, now at Nanobio Delivery Pharma. Other researchers involved in this study are Daniel W. Binzel, Taejin Lee, Zhefeng Li, Hui Li, Farzin Haque, Shaoying Wang and Carlo M. Croce, Meiyan Sun, Bin Guo, Piotr Rychahou and B. Mark Evers.

  This important finding solves two major hurdlers for RNA based anticancer treatments: targeted delivery of the vesicles to tumor cells and releasing the therapeutics from the endosome trapping after taken up by cancer cells.  The new advance in RNA Nanotechnology paves the way for clinical application of RNA based therapeutics for cancers and other incurable disease treatment. 

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