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Nanobio Delivery Initiates International Collaboration on RNA Nanotechnology

  On Dec 14, Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. initiates an international collaboration with Shanxi Cardiovascular Hospital on a research project for the development of RNA nanotechnology based therapies for cardiovascular diseases. The collaboration will investigate multifunctional RNA nano-drugs for cardiovascular disease with enhanced efficacy and reduced side effect.

  Dr. Xuebin Han, Dean of Shanxi Cardiovascular Hospital, together with his research group have visited Nanobio Delivery Pharma and Center for RNA Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine for in-depth discussion about this collaboration. “The study on phi29 DNA package motor was started around 30 years ago, now with all the hard work and progress, it is time to transit RNA Nanotechnology from bench to clinic!” said Dr. Dan Shu, professor from The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and consultant of Nanobio Delivery Pharma. Dr. Han group also visited Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital and Center for Muscle Health and Neuromuscular Disorders located in the Ohio State University for communication. Professor Renzhi Han from Department of Surgery, Wexner medical center introduced his research lab and exciting projects in neuromuscular disorder study. “The application of RNA nanotechnology in the field of cardiovascular disease has great potential, we hope our collaboration could bring in some breakthrough in the near future for generating new drugs that could enhance its effect in recovering cardiovascular cell function,” said Dr. Han.

  As a pioneer in RNA nano-therapy, Nanobio Delivery Pharma is dedicated to develop innovative nano-therapeutics using RNA nanotechnology platform for the targeted treatment of various diseases. The hope is that this collaborative project between Nanobio Delivery and Shanxi Cardiovascular Hospital will make it one step further to this whole new class of cost-effective treatments. As a platform, RNA nanotechnology will lead to the rapid development of a wide range of targeted drugs. The RNA-nano based therapeutics market is likely to witness a substantial level of momentum with the funding and investments for the commercialization of these drugs.

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