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Opportunity for Three-Week Training Course on RNA Nanotechnology in Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., USA

To promote the field of RNA nanotechnology and to foster information exchange, Nanobio Delivery Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will hold a training course on RNA Nanotechnology, from June 25 to July 13, 2018 for three weeks in Columbus, Ohio, USA.
RNA nanotechnology has now been growing, and demonstrated immense potential for targeted drug delivery for the treatment of multiple diseases as well as other potential applications in nanotechnology such as computer biomemory, logic gates, diagnosis reagents and sensing instrumentation.
This program is open to researchers all over the world with interest in RNA Nanotechnology to participate in this short-term training course. The registration fee covering lectures, lab facilities/supplies and tuition for the entire three-week training period is $3,000 per person. The limited number of trainees per course is 20. The cost for travel, insurance, accommodation, and other living expenses during this training program will be handled separately based on the needs. 
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